Why Being A Generalist Is Better Than Being A Specialist

                                    Why Being A Generalist Is Better Than Being A Specialist

                                    The demand of generalists is rapidly rising in corporate scenarios.

                                    The competition in every industry is soaring towards the sky with each passing day, and to make your mark, you need to highlight your strongest points. That’s why people introduce themselves as specialists or ‘domain experts. In today’s scenario, the world is overflowing with specialists in every possible field one can imagine.

                                    People think that acquiring the ‘specialist’ tag ensures success, but that’s not true for every scenario. You may find it hard to believe but being a generalist instead of an expert can be a smart move.

                                    In fact, the demand of generalists is rapidly rising in corporate scenarios. Why is that? When you have an office full of specialists and no generalist at all, the workflow suffers. It’s like having an assembly of specialists studying a sample of rock.

                                    They will analyse even the minutest detail of the rock, its colour, texture, source of formation, density, and water content; but very few will be able to identify that the rock is actually a piece of coal and they will need a generalist to understand that coal is a fuel, which is used by people in all parts of the world!

                                    WHAT EXACTLY GENERALISTS DO

                                    If you want to call yourself a generalist, the first quality you need to acquire is to develop a keenness for learning new things. A generalist should be able to adapt quickly according to the demands of the circumstances he is facing at that moment.

                                    There are many instances when generalists are asked to act like specialists to achieve certain goals. Specialists show stringency in their thought process. They are usually not capable of visualizing the big picture since their focus is to grow in only their own field of expertise, which can make them less of a team player. Generalists on the other hand can handle different situations and circumstances at the same time. Their decision-making power is usually superior and they always try to find universal solutions to their problems.

                                    WHY THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE GENERALISTS

                                    There are several reasons why generalists will soon be considered as an integral part of the corporate world-

                                    RISE OF GLOBAL PLATFORMS – The world is now interconnected like never before and in such a scenario, only the generalists can help a corporation understand developments which may not be directly related to their core area of expertise but may affect them in several other ways.

                                    LESS WASTAGE OF TIME – While a specialist would like to solve a problem by applying a more mechanical solution to it, a generalist could solve it in a much smaller timeframe by offering a diversified opinion.

                                    BETTER UTILIZATION OF RESOURCES – Since generalists are skilled at adapting to different environments, they can ensure better utilization of resources. They do not have a restricted mindset which helps them in discovering alternative resources at any given point of time.

                                    TEAM PLAYERS – Generalists have the talent of juggling several sets of teams at the same time and a generalist manager can bring a strong sense of team spirit in a corporate environment.
                                    So what would it be for you? Do you want to be a generalist or a specialist?



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