What Stops You from Being Productive?

                                    What Stops You from Being Productive?

                                    For businesses to succeed, it is vital that employees stay on task and productive. Nothing slows the gears of a finely tuned engine quite like low productivity. What stops you from being productive?

                                    There are plenty of factors that can reduce your productivity and slow down your work speed.

                                    It is important to evaluate what stops you from being a productive employee so that you can reduce and eliminate these factors from your workday.

                                    Here is a look at some factors that stop many people from being productive, so that you can avoid these and enhance your performance at work.

                                    IN OFFICE DISTRACTIONS

                                    Every office has its own set of distractions. Whether it is the well-meaning secretary making an announcement over the loudspeaker or a cubicle mate that plays their radio a little too loud.

                                    Rather than getting frustrated, do something about your in-office distractions.

                                    While, no, your boss probably will not let you move your desk into the quietest corner of the basement, there are less drastic things that you can do to make yourself more productive.

                                    If you are distracted by noise, go get yourself a pair of headphones or earplugs so that you can listen to your own music.

                                    Even if you do not listen to music per se, some environmental music such as water sounds, or nature calls can be a great way to focus your mind on the task at hand.

                                    OVERLY SOCIAL CO-WORKERS

                                    A big reason why you might experience a dip in productivity is overly chatty co-workers.

                                    Does Raymond from Accounting stop by your desk every morning for a fifteen-minute chat? If it is not work-related, try cutting the conversation down to a simple, “Good Morning! How are you?”

                                    If noise from other co-workers is a problem, see if you can purchase a set of noise-cancelling earbuds. In addition, with so many ways to contact you, it might be necessary to turn off the instant messenger while you work on an important project.

                                    NOISE LEVEL

                                    Depending on where you sit in your office, you might have a real problem with noise.

                                    Are you near the break room where you can hear your colleagues chatting at the water cooler? Are you near an elevator bay where doors open and shut and traffic congregates in between meetings? If so, it is important that you find a way to reduce the noise in your work area.

                                    If you are working in a cubicle, this is easier said than done. Get a radio, find some earphones and if you have one, close your door.

                                    LACK OF ORGANISATION

                                    A huge destroyer of productivity is lack of organization. If your desk looks like a hurricane just came through, you will probably have a hard time getting anything done.

                                    Keep track of your projects and deadlines in Outlook. There are task managers, to-do lists, calendar and more.

                                    This will help you stay organised and on task. It even allows you to set reminders so that you never forget to follow up on anything ever again.

                                    LACK OF TIME MANAGEMENT

                                    Does it feel like time just slips away from you and you get nothing done? This is not a good thing.

                                    By not managing your time, you are allowing valuable work hours to slip away and letting projects get behind as the deadline nears. Keep track of your time and schedule slots for specific projects through a calendar on your computer.

                                    Outlook works well, as does a variety of other time management programs. Never miss another deadline again.

                                    POOR USE OF RESOURCES

                                    Do you waste more time trying to dig up answers or look for a resource than you do working on a specific account? If you do that may be a sure sign that you are using your resources poorly.

                                    Keep all important documents and resources within arm’s reach so that you can reference it when needed, and you do not have to go on a great search when you need it most.

                                    TAKING TOO MANY PROJECTS AT ONCE

                                    There is such a thing as not enough bandwidth. Bandwidth is the capability to take on more projects.

                                    If you are overloaded, chances are that your bandwidth is exceeded. Focus on fewer projects at once so that you can devote the attention needed.

                                    The last thing that you want is for your quality to diminish because you are taking on too much at once.

                                    INEFFICIENT TIME MANAGEMENT

                                    Do you excel at first contact, but struggle with follow up? You are not alone.

                                    Many people have trouble effectively following up with business contacts, especially when they must thoroughly research something. It is vital to keep track of everything you need to research and follow up on so that you can stay as productive as possible.

                                    LACK OF PROFICIENCY

                                    It is hard to get work done when you feel like you constantly have questions.

                                    During your downtime be sure to use your time wisely by brushing up on areas that you need extra training in. By doing so, you are helping to hone your skills and improve your overall performance.

                                    HOW TO MAXIMISE PRODUCTIVITY

                                    MAXIMISE PRODUCTIVITY

                                    Productivity can be a hard fish to catch if you’re a ‘solopreneur’. Sometimes, even more so when you manage a team.

                                    According to this infographic, working from home can have severe consequences on your productivity. As an entrepreneur, your motivation may be to be your own boss. Without constant supervision by a manager, you have to find or create intrinsic motivation.

                                    Working at a public coffee shop may not be very helpful with productivity either. According to this infographic, coffee shops have a business acceleration score 0f -9. This makes sense because the wifi is often hit or miss!

                                    The best place to get stuff done would be a coworking space—work side-by-side with people that are as focused on their business as you are. In addition to the productivity increase, you will naturally gain great contacts for both current and future business endeavours.

                                    Work for yourself, not by yourself.

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