Efficient Ways of Motivating and Mentoring Your Sales Force

                                    Efficient Ways of Motivating and Mentoring Your Sales Force

                                    Today, most of the organizations pay extreme attention to marketing and customer service required to survive the growing competition. But what about their sales force? What about the team, which is responsible to convert interested parties into customers, and keep bringing in business? How do you manage to get the best out of your sales team? Read on, our business experts have offered tips to help you groom, mentor, and motivate your sales team.

                                    Focus on the individuals within the team

                                    A sales team is not just a bunch of well-dressed and sharp executives but it’s a group of intellectual individuals. They need to be treated as one. You must let them know that each one’s contribution matters to you.

                                    While meetings, training sessions, and even during briefings; you have to encourage active participation. Do not just let the top performers speak all the time, put questions for the rest of the team too.

                                    Of course, you cannot accept all the opinions, but you can listen to them. Sales executives must feel that the strategies you create are derived out of the suggestions and ideas which they provide as a team. During group activities, show them that you appreciate those ideas and inputs more which are given by them collaborating with one another.

                                    Pay attention to the individuals’ opinions and voices, and they’ll easily work as a team.

                                    Review their performances and ‘coach’ them

                                    There is an old saying, ‘it’s not what you say but how you say it’. While reviewing your executives’ performances, do not give them the impression that you are ‘judging’ them. Avoid giving them direct examples or instant comparisons with other better-performing members.

                                    This never allows healthy teamwork. It’s best to coach them on the best practices and provide the top-performing members’ techniques as references.

                                    Try conducting mock sessions where each member gets to display their sales-conversion skills. Here, highlight the ideas and approaches (instead of the individuals) which you like the most. Every member learns something by viewing how their fellow colleagues tackle similar situations. Sometimes, they not only learn what to do, but they also understand what not to do.

                                    Healthy competition

                                    Competition is a driving force for improving performance. Hold contests focused on criteria which most of your sales executives struggle with. The intention should not be to find the ‘number one’ and applaud for them. But instead, the motive of these contests should be to help the team take efforts to improve their skill sets and benefit from healthy competition.

                                    Float ideas such as reading marketing books and checking educational seminars during these contests. With the desire to win contests and get appreciated, your team will not just willingly accept such suggestions, but they’ll also make the most out of it.

                                    Also, during these contests, remind them that their true competition is with the teams of your business competitors, and the contests held by you are the opportunities for your team to sharpen and improvise their skill sets.

                                    Reward and recognition

                                    Recognizing and rewarding efforts are instrumental for motivation. Not just cash, but trophies, plaques, and other gift items can also act as rewards. You need to let your team know that it is not only about the business they bring in, but it’s also about the initiatives they take and the efforts they put in. Thoughtfully chosen rewards items show your genuine sentiments behind the appreciations.

                                    Also, make sincere efforts to equip your sales force well. If you are purchasing or upgrading CRM and sales tracking tools, check if those are handy enough to work with. These tools should not add unnecessary burden on your team. Whichever applications and tools you select for them, it must make their work reasonably easier.

                                    Recruiting and hiring skilled salespersons is important. But it’s also equally important to nurture and mentor them, to create a strong sales force for expanding your business’ profits and prospects.