6 Ways to Bluff Confidence

                                    6 Ways to Bluff Confidence

                                    There are times when even confident people feel confused or timid. When it comes to confidence, looking confident is far more important than actually feeling confident. Many people who look incredibly confident are not exactly feeling the same on the inside. They have their own worries. They just manage to hide their worries and make themselves appear confident.

                                    You will be able to accomplish just about anything you want if you believe that you are smart, brilliant, and capable. However, if you believe that you are not capable, then you will prove yourself right.

                                    HOW TO DEVELOP CONFIDENCE

                                    It’s possible to develop your inner confidence. Just like anything else, it requires consistent practice. Even if you are a confident person, you may feel uncomfortable when you are in an unfamiliar situation. Here are six ways to look confident even when you are anything but. Practice these techniques every day and you will soon start feeling confident on the inside as well. And then you will no longer have to fake it.

                                    MIND YOUR POSTURE

                                    Hold your head high and stand up straight. This posture will make you look confident at all times. Your body language sends out a lot of non-verbal cues. Sitting slumped with arms folded across the chest leaves a clear impression that you lack confidence.

                                    MAKE EYE CONTACT

                                    Look in the eye when you talk to people. Confident people are not afraid of making eye contact with others. Making eye contact is a great way to look and feel confident.

                                    DRESS THE PART

                                    Wear outfits that fit and make you look good and professional. When you appear good, you will automatically feel good and naturally your confidence will increase. Buy a few outfits you look good in. Wear them to interviews or other important engagements. It is quite natural to feel anxious about your appearance when you have an important engagement. An outfit that fits nicely will counteract some of your anxiety.

                                    LEARN NEW SKILLS

                                    Looking confident is easy when you have the right tools at your disposal. Look around – you will find a lot of successful professionals who use their spare time to read technology and management books. They want to keep themselves at the forefront of the latest developments in their field. Knowledge is power and ideas rule the world. So hone your skills.

                                    DO THINGS THAT YOU ENJOY DOING

                                    You don’t necessarily have to engage in activities that are related to your job. Do just about anything that you enjoy doing. The confidence boost which you get from doing things that you are talented at will help your performance in the workplace.


                                    Confidence does not always equate to competence. The most confident people can be the least competent. In the same way, the most competent people can be the least confident. Studies have shown that we have an unconscious urge to submit to people who look confident even if they are not supposed to be in charge. That explains why projecting an air of confidence is important. If you look confident, you will find that people are eager to listen to you. On the other hand, if you look timid or confused, you will have no followers even if you possess immense knowledge and expertise in your field.


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