When Prospects Give You the Silent Treatment

                                    When Prospects Give You the Silent Treatment

                                    It can be frustrating for a salesperson to deal with prospects who seem to be giving the silent treatment. Between marketing products, offering helpful and innovative services, and maintaining a friendly level of customer care, salespeople must wear many hats. Not every prospect will turn into a customer, however, the opportunity to turn each into a loyal consumer to your brand is present. There are plenty of effective ways to interacting with seemingly anti-social business prospects. Read on for a look at how you can deal with business prospects that are not keeping up their end of the communication bargain.

                                    Try a different means of communication

                                    If you’re struggling to get in contact with a prospective customer, try a different means of communication. If they are not calling you back, try dropping them a line via email. With so many people carrying around smart phones and tablets these days, your prospect may simply respond better through email or even a written inquiry letter. Keep all your communications short and sweet, and always let them know that they can contact you with any questions or concerns that they may have.

                                    Follow-up with them at a later date

                                    If you have not heard back from a prospective client in a while, you may want to follow-up with them. Explain what you were and assisting the prospective client with and see if they are still in need of your services. Chances are that when they initially came to you, they were still in the research or planning process. By following up, you are helping to bring their attention back to the services and products that you offer. In addition, following up with your prospects shows that you care about their needs as a consumer.

                                    Give them space

                                    If you still have not heard back from your prospect, it is best to give them some space. Some clients need to come to the decision on their own and in their own sweet time. Don’t pressure your clients into calling you. Always keep your tone light, airy and helpful so that your prospective client does not feel pressured or intimidated by your outreach efforts.
                                    The last thing that you want is for a prospective client to be scared away by your forceful follow-up methods.

                                    The Bottom Line

                                    Prospective customers are just that: Prospects. There is no guarantee that they will do business with you in the future. That is why it is so important to treat each customer with enthusiasm, respect, and encouragement. Ensure your customers that you are happy to assist them when they are ready to decide and if they have any questions at all to contact you. Being friendly, courteous, and approachable is a great way to turn prospective customers into long time loyal clients. If a prospective client seems to be giving you the cold shoulder, do not fret. Sometimes they just need space to themselves to make an important financial and business decision.