The Secret Ingredient of Any Successful Content Marketing Strategy – Do You Have It?

                                    The Secret Ingredient of Any Successful Content Marketing Strategy – Do You Have It?

                                    You are spending thousands of dollars every year on advertising and marketing, but you still manage to lose existing customers. Is there something lacking? Maybe there is a simple but an effective secret ingredient missing from your content marketing strategy. Courage.

                                    Yes, courage is that special ingredient that is present in all successful content marketing strategies. Entrepreneurs who are not afraid to speak their minds are the ones who gain success in their campaigns. Here is how you can incorporate courage in your strategy.

                                    Provide value

                                    It takes courage to present your own perspective on things. Try to give real nuggets of wisdom instead of the same old boring advice everyone is giving. No matter what your niche is, you must have some tit bits of advice that a newbie is looking for. Enlighten them.

                                    Trust your customers

                                    Trust is not a one-way thing. While your customers trust you; you also have to trust them. If you provide them value, they will reward you with sales and attention over a long time. Their loyalty is what you seek. And it takes courage to place your trust in them.

                                    Long term player

                                    Content marketing is not about a short-term thing. You need to invest time and money, and not expect quick results. People who are impatient, give up too soon and drop out of the content marketing plan. If you are still in the game, you are doing it right. It means you have the courage to invest time and money in the plan without getting immediate results.

                                    Resist temptation

                                    Yes, coupons attract customers. Discounts will give you a sales surge. But that is short-lived. Can you resist the temptation of putting a coupon in the core of your strategy? Your customer will become more loyal not because of coupons, but because of true value. Coupons are a one-time thing, but trust and value stay for long. It takes courage to resist the coupon and quick discount options and stick to value – which pays off in the long run. Be a farmer, not a hunter.

                                    Interact with people

                                    Have a social media presence. Interact with your customers on a one-to-one basis. It would need a lot of courage. People would post their problems openly. But then, as you resolve the problems, you will form a positive brand image. Not a lot of companies do this because they lack courage of letting customers post their problems so candidly. But give them a platform. If your customers know that they can reach out to you easily, and you WILL listen to them; they will be loyal to you. This strategy will also win you new customers.

                                    The secret ingredient – courage – is not something that you can buy or learn. You need to develop it. Understand that it is YOUR content marketing strategy. You can mold it in whatever way you like. Pretending that you care does not work anymore… you really have to care about your customers. This will always work – and will take your brand a long way towards success.





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