5 Secrets to Attract Customers – Win Their Hearts with Simple Tricks

                                    5 Secrets to Attract Customers – Win Their Hearts with Simple Tricks

                                    So, you’ve launched a brand new small business. Your product is better, cheaper, and faster than that of your competitors. Obviously, you expect it to be a bit hit. You have already let the word out, posted it on your Facebook fan page, and launched some ad campaigns. You now expect to be bombarded with customers.

                                    Unfortunately, nothing happens. Nobody calls or places an order. What could have gone wrong?

                                    Fact – just because you have got a great product doesn’t mean that customers will make a beeline to your door. They need motivation, and that ain’t easy.

                                    Motivating customers to make a purchase have always been difficult. It becomes even more difficult when you are a brand-new business. Customers hate change. They simply don’t want to switch providers. They are also wary of new products and new companies. So how can you lure them into buying from you?

                                    First of all, you should launch an aggressive campaign to promote the product. People should at least hear about you. Expose them to your brand and product repeatedly. No matter what platform you choose to advertise your product, you will need to spend some bucks to spread the word.

                                    Even after exposing customers to your product, you should still offer them an incentive to make a purchase. Here are five tips to attract more customers.

                                    Give it Away

                                    Who doesn’t enjoy trying something if it is offered for free? Consider the case of several popular cloud-based services. They offer a basic package for free. Consumers who seek more features can sign up for their premium services by paying a fee. You can try this method even if you aren’t offering a cloud-based service. Offer your service free for one month.

                                    Let Them Sample Off

                                    Offer free samples of your product. This works for just about any product that is not overly expensive. By giving potential customers an opportunity to try your product, you are introducing your product to them.

                                    Make Them Beta Testers

                                    Before launching your product, you can ask customers to beta test it. Testers can always become your first purchasers as they develop an interest in it. And then you can always offer them a discount – lure them even more.

                                    Sell It Cheap

                                    Sell your product a little cheap in the beginning. This will attract potential customers to you. Supermarkets sell turkeys cheap before Thanksgiving. They won’t make any profit on the turkey, but it does attract you to their store and they will make money on all other products you purchase.


                                    If you are offering an innovative or cutting-edge product, consider running a pre-launch campaign via crowdfunding. While crowdfunding is typically used to raise money, it will also allow you to introduce your product to people.

                                    So, there you go – five simple secrets that small and large companies use to lure customers. Try them and win some hearts!






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