Covid-19 Tough Financial Times: 10 Tips for Small Businesses

                                    Covid-19 Tough Financial Times: 10 Tips for Small Businesses

                                    The financial state of the World economy is hitting small businesses hard, some of them for the very first time. It is hard to keep your head up, much less above water, when businesses are failing around you. Below you will find 10 tips that should help you come out on top in the end.

                                    1. You need to carefully research any product that you decide to buy for your business. If the expenditure will not make you your money back in a reasonable time, then you need to put off buying the product until you are in a better financial situation.
                                    2. If you do not have a budget for your business, then you are running your business in the dark. This does not only apply to your business, but your personal life as well. It is easy to let your personal finances be a drain on your business, so you need a strict budget for them both.
                                    3. You need to remember that in tough times survival is the goal. If you have assets that are not garnering you a return, you will want to sell them, and take the loss.
                                    4. You need a firm grasp on how your debt is structured. Do you have both long-term and short-term debt? If you have both, you need to come up with a way for your long-term debt to help you consolidate the short-term.
                                    5. Preparing for your financial review with your banker is paramount to your success as a small business owner. You want to have everything that you need to present to your banker in your hand, and in order, when he walks through the door. If you are struggling, have a plan on paper that you can go over with your banker to get his input.
                                    6. Your banker may be able to help you restructure your business debt by telling you about the a Small Business Loan. Your banker should know all about that loan, and any others that will help you in these difficult times.
                                    7. You will want to review any insurance policies that you have for your business. Increasing the deductibles on these policies can help you lower the premium that you are paying.
                                    8. While you should never be without life insurance, you do need to carefully review your policies to see if you can get a lower premium. Some policies even allow you to borrow against them, but be sure to read the fine print, before deciding.
                                    9. It is better to deal with any financial problem that comes your way quickly. Talk to your banker about what can be done to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently, instead of burying your head in the sand.
                                    10. The best way to get through your financial problems is to be thinking clearly. Sometimes it only takes a weekend away to get to the point where you can put everything into perspective.

                                    Covid-19 has created a tough economy and is getting everyone down. Clear your head, and then get back better and stronger than ever. Take the tips above into consideration, and then talk to your banker about the best way to proceed. Remember, tough economic times do not last forever, and you will weather them just fine.



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